Wednesday, June 12, 2013

T-Minus 6 Days - OMG

You know how a dog sticks his head out of the car window, ears flapping in the wind, tongue lolling out, and you just know that dog is having the time of his life. That's me right now. I am less than a week away from leaving the motherland for the first time. Meep!

I'm the Foreigner Now

I wonder what people are going to be like over there. I have this fear, I guess I could call it, that people are going to hate me because I'm American. There's the whole stereotype of the world hating America, but I've talked to some people who said nobody really cares. I hope the latter is the case. My dad suggested I stitch a Canadian flag on one of my bags (who doesn't like Canadians, really?). I'm not about to go on fabricating this elaborate identity, though, because I guarantee I'll actually meet someone from Canada and it'll just be a mess. So... 'Murica!

In the News of My Life...

One of my very good friends just got engaged to her boo thang, and I am just thrilled for her. I really mean it, too! Sometimes, you just nod your head and act excited, but in reality could care less what just happened. However, when I say I'm excited for her, I truly am. I watched the video of his proposal to her and was giggling like a school girl. It was terrible - my sister had to ask what I was doing or watching that was getting me so wild. She is just so precious, and I know they love each other so it's going to be a beautiful thing. 

Normally, I hesitate when my peers get engaged because we're just so young, and there is so much to experience out there before getting tied down. Don't people want to travel, get their careers started, and go out with their crew and get wild? There's no one to answer to - unless you have overly involved parents; in that case, I am so sorry for you - and no one to present conflicts with when it comes to school, activities, and work. Maybe it's just my being single and self-serving attitude, but I feel like there is so much to do before settling down to plan a wedding, kids, and basically forever. I've always been a free spirit, though, and I'm not sorry at all about how I'm living my life. The fact that I couldn't fathom getting married, or even getting involved in a serious relationship, for another five years or so is a benefit personally. I'm not ready to multiply my problems by two, but some people are. Everybody's different, and I praise those who figure these things out early because it's something that I'm just not ready for. But really, imagine being tied down to someone while Italian and British hunks walk by left and right. I don't think so. 

I'm not saying if I meet my future husband tomorrow, I'll politely decline. Of course, I'll take him! I'm just waiting for the right one to come along; I don't mind exercising patience in this area of my life. I know God has someone out of this world planned for me, and I don't want to jump the gun for someone who doesn't mean absolutely everything to me. I think that's where a lot of relationships fail. People settle. Don't do this. You don't deserve to be anything less than happy, and they don't deserve to be with someone who doesn't fully appreciate them. Besides, you would be stripping someone else of the opportunity to love that person in ways you never could. It's a win-win situation for everyone if you just give life some time to bring you and your perfect person together. 

Now that I'm done being a relationship guru (who even reads this stuff?), a wonderful thing happened last night. My sister and I have been on the Strugglebus because we're running out of food, and she doesn't get paid until Friday. First world problems. Anyway, our friend came over to watch Lord of the Rings with us, knew we were low on food, and bought us a frozen pizza at FOUR IN THE MORNING. He confided that Jesus told him to get us something after he left for the night and picked up the best frozen pizza he could find. God works in such mysteriously wonderful ways. I'm now going to make that frozen pizza for dinner. It's a good day.

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