Emanating Positivity

I got this from a Ted Talk by Shawn Achor called "The Happy Secret to Better Work", and I'm going to keep up with this every day from now on to battle pessimism.

Write down the following:

1. 3 New Things You're Grateful For
2. A Positive Experience You've Had Today
3. Did You Exercise?
4. Did You Meditate or Pray?
5. A Random Act of Kindness You Did Today


  1. 1. Being able to call my sister and share crazy stories with her; financial stability; being in San Antonio for Christmas with my dad and his family
    2. Well, I slept in so that was nice. I'll make up for yesterday, too, when I got to spend time with friends I hadn't seen in a year. I love being able to catch up and hang out as though I never left Texas. Also, I'm coming back next July to see Lady Gaga, and I almost cried with excitement.
    3. No...I was a couch potato and didn't leave the house today...
    4. I'll pray before bed and stretch out my back.
    5. Ummm...I'll do that tomorrow? Clearly, I need to work on my humanitarian skills.

  2. 1. The Gaga Tickets I bought yesterday; Duckie, the family cat; and my health

    2. I had a Snapchat battle today with my friends Lex and Kelly. The pictures we were sending each other were hilarious, and I couldn't stop laughing. My dad probably though I was reading/doing something inappropriate on my phone, but I was really just having a blast drawing silly colors on my face.

    3. I did maybe 10 girl push-ups because I was already on the floor. Does that count?

    4. I'm about to pray and go to sleep. So sleepy...

    5. I picked up a toy for a lady who dropped it in TJ Maxx. I also bought my dad's Christmas present today.

  3. 1. Having friends of many different ethnicities because there is so much to learn from them; heaters; and friends who have cars

    2. I went to see the lights in downtown San Antonio near the Riverwalk with my friends. We took some goofy pictures, and I love how the colors twinkled down the tree branches. I love having such wonderful company because great friends are one of the greatest things a person can have. I had a ton of fun, and it was hilarious how one of my friend's cousins told us Starbucks was closing in 3 minutes so we would hurry up, and we started running. It actually didn't close for another 30 minutes, so it made us all laugh. Half of us ended up not even getting anything.

    3. I walked around downtown for several hours. I guess you could say that's exercise.

    4. I'll pray before bed after I watch an episode of Arrested Development.

    5. I took a picture for a couple on the Riverwalk. I also waved to random ferries passing by jokingly, but I hope it made someone smile as I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

  4. 1. That I can celebrate Christmas with family; chocolate chip cookies; blankets

    2. I went to Cracker Barrel with the family today, and I had a delicious breakfast. I solved the triangle game with the pegs on my first try and felt like a genius. It reminded me that I am smart, and I need to embrace that as I go through my next 2 years in college.

    3. I exercised my jaw by eating a ton of food today. Does that count?

    4. I'll pray before I go to sleep as usual.

    5. I bought my 5-year-old half-brother his Christmas present today. I think he'll really enjoy it.

  5. 1. Jesus was born; that I can give and receive presents; music

    2. Opening present of course! I enjoyed getting my socks, slippers, chocolate, money, sunglasses, and hilarious cat shirt (that'll be for bedtime). I was glad that everyone enjoyed their presents, and I enjoyed mine, too. Merry Christmas!

    3. I exercised my brain by doing sudokus, a crossword puzzle, and playing Upwords with my family. Close enough.

    4. I just stretched, and I'm going to watch an episode of Arrested Development, and pray.

    5. I was extremely lazy today, so no...

  6. 1. My scholarships; my laptop; that I don't have kids

    2. I got presents from my stepmom's mom that I wasn't expecting. Plus, it was nail polish in neutral colors that I've been wanting so it was an unexpected surprise. I feel like she's always been fond of me, and I love when she comes around to visit.

    3. I exercised my brain again...? Ok, I'll work out when I get back to Tampa.

    4. I'm going to stretch and pray as usual after I watch Arrested Development.

    5. I colored ornaments and made crafts for my roommates today. I'll add these onto their gifts when I get home.

  7. I have to do double since I didn't post one yesterday:

    1. My bed; my stepmom taking me to the outlet mall; going to the San Antonio Rampage game; clean drinking water; not getting stuck with any kicking/screaming/slobbering babies on my flights today.

    2. I had a really nice time visiting my friend at her family's Chinese restaurant. The food was great, and I'm so grateful to have some really great friends in my life. I can't wait to go back to San Antonio to visit in July! Another experience I had yesterday was going to the outlet mall with my stepmom. We walked a ton! We had some nice conversations though, and I'm really glad that she's not a stepmonster. We can hang out like friends and talk about life; it's great.

    3. I walked a ton yesterday! Today, not so much. I suppose I can start working out again since I'm home, though.

    4. I'm going to pray and pass out. I'm pooped!

    5. I visited my friend at her restaurant instead of getting Tex-Mex so that I could say goodbye and hang out before I left. I also thanked all of the flight attendants as I left my flight. That might just be common curtesy, but they deserve gratitude for all of their hard work.

  8. From Yesterday:

    1. My friend Katie paid for my lunch; having intelligent, kind friends; and chocolate chip cookies

    2. One of my friends is Ethiopian and he taught me how to dance an Ethiopian dance. My attempts were hilarious, and I loved experiencing a new culture.

    3. No...

    4. I didn't pray last night. Whoops...

    5. Katie and I made pizza and cookies for our friends at their apartment.