Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 3: Melissa, Platform 9 3/4, St. Paul's Cathedral, and Drunkenness

*I reread this (sober) and deemed it needed a few adjustments. I'm sorry if it was inappropriate - I just had a little bit too good of a night. The first sentence was priceless, though, because I unintentionally had a grammatical error; oh, the irony. But really, I like to at least try and be even a little bit classy.

I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors, etc. I'm the grammar queen, but I may or my not be very intoxicated. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Melissa came into London today, and she is a riot. She is more on the Strugglebus than I am! That is a real feat because the struggle is so real. Though, the attractive marine left - no Americans for me, I guess. Sad day. (He actually didn't leave - some Aussie just stole his bed, and they exchanged a few hours in the wee hours of the morning. Both were drunk so it made the scene hysterical). However, I achieved my goal of not buying one drink and managing to have a great time via other drinks and befriending two British locals with Melissa.

Before life went wild, we went to Platform 9 3/4, therefore I'm a witch. I am a winner, and I clearly belong at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I took a smashing photo, and this was easily the highlight of my day.

We also saw St. Paul's Cathedral in the evening after searching relentlessly for Diagon Alley with no luck - STRUGGLEBUS. We walked down Baker Street for a good half hour. The cathedral was gorgeous, though. We took a million pictures trying to capture just the right one.

Like I mentioned earlier, we met two British guys at an outdoor bar. They waited until the second bar, which was German, to buy us drinks. They literally ordered the girliest drinks they could ask for - strawberry beer. I finished that pint, then we checked to make sure Brittany made it back to the hostel. She did, for the record, and was actually waiting for us! We met the two British guys at the bar two doors down, and I downed an entire Corona Extra. It was a great night. I need sleep, but the room is still spinning. Hopefully, I just pass out. I do NOT want to throw up. Maybe I'll finally get good sleep. Also, I think I found a potential doppelganger.

Okay, I'm done. And let me just say: my morals are intensely concrete. I'm such a damn rockstar. Aaand I'm out! Goodnight!

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