Monday, June 17, 2013

T-Minus 39 Hours

So, it has come down to counting hours. I'm finishing up that last-minute load of laundry, making the final highlights on my list of items to bring, and feeling thoroughly freaked out. I don't have many other things to do, but there is enough unfinished business to give me some anxiety. I suppose this is natural as it is my greatest adventure yet. Moreover, as my flight draws nearer, a maelstrom of chaos is beginning to develop in my mind. As frightening as this is, the wonderment of my impending expedition will surpass this mental frenzy. I can't believe how quickly time has passed.

Quick Update (I'm tired. It's Late.)

Father's Day was today, and my dad has been in town from San Antonio, Texas since last night. We went to the beach this afternoon, floated around in some choppy waves, and got some delicious Grouper sandwiches from Frenchy's. It's nice to finally be building a better relationship with him after eighteen years of frustration on both our parts. The distance keeps us closer, if you know what I'm talking about. I'm also seeing a lot more similarities between the two of us that are just uncanny. For instance, we have the awful habit of asking "What?!" after someone says something even though we actually heard what he or she said; we just need time to process it. Thus, my sister developed the Ten-Second Rule so she doesn't need to repeat herself. It actually works most of the time.

Another thing, I'm fighting the mother of all zits - of course, right before my trip. I think this inflamed imp is driving the Strugglebus all on its own. I'm battling it with some gel from an ibuprofen capsule placed directly on the area, though. My stepmom saw it on Pinterest, so it must be legitimate. I do love Pinterest - I actually have quite a few things I want to test out from my own boards. We'll see if this one works.

Besides being nearly completely packed, enjoying my pop's company, and fighting little red devils, I don't have much else to tell right now. It could be that it's 4:30am (most probably), and sleep is dragging my thoughts into the blankets, or I haven't had much going on. It's most likely the former. Stay off the Strugglebus, my friends. Goodnight!  

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