Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 4: Cheers London and Ciao Florence

Our last day in London has arrived. Truly, I'm going to miss it. Though, I won't miss the cigarette smoking and the dirty air. I have been blowing soot out of my nose for the past two days, and my eyes are more irritated than after swimming in chlorine. I hope Florence has crisper air even though it will be hot. I'm ready for some nature where there aren't so many cars and buildings.

I swear I'm allergic to London. I have sneezed at least ten times today, my eyes are irritated, and my nose is infinitely itchy. It started yesterday, but it's only been getting worse. Hopefully, it ends tomorrow when I change scenes. I will miss London a lot because it is just gorgeous, but I really want to be in our apartment in Florence so I have a bed to come back to, and I can be a little messier with my things. Normally, I'm quite disorganized, but being in this hostel has broke me like a horse. That's ok, though, because it's a bad habit of mine anyway.

For our last day today, we had a few Strugglebus moments. Brittany's debit card disappeared, so that was a fiasco in itself. Luckily, she cancelled it before it was used if someone did steal it. We got running a little late today, and I was really tired. My allergies prevented me from being comfortable as we made our second round around London because Melissa hadn't seen the major tourist attractions yet. Also, the weather was bitter cold with gusty winds. We got a few pictures of straight hair because it flew in front of our faces, especially since my hair is getting a lot longer.

We got to see the Globe Theatre, which was phenomenal. It would've been great to be a Groundling, but we probably wouldn't make it to Stansted in a timely manner if we did. There was also this crazy golden guy that made my day. We also saw the Millenium Bridge (the one destroyed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). The previously claimed Millenium Bridge in one of my older posts actually wasn't the right bridge, but it was still enchanting! The walk was beautiful, and we kept it local, visiting some of our favorite spots, like Big Ben.

We went out one last time for good times' sake, and we did in fact have a good time. I didn't have to buy any drinks, and Melissa and I met some lovely British gentlemen. We got into a pretty intense conversation about accents, and asked them to try an American one. What does one of them come up with?

"Yo! Whaddu" - laughter. He couldn't even form a sentence. I guess we sound pretty thug. That's right, be scared of us Americans! was a good night, though. I tried German strawberry beer, but I didn't have my Guinness. I saved that for this morning at the airport, where I bought this angelic chocolate-filled croissant and a half-pint of my favorite Irish brew. I didn't sleep for about 36 hours, and I managed to rake in about 10 hours of sleep throughout my entire stay in London. I don't know how I survived this long, but I finally took the most glorious of siestas before getting cleaned up for tonight - our first night in Florence!

I must also say it is SO GOOD to have an apartment on the top floor overlooking the Duomo with 6 incredible roommates. We are going to have a blast. The rooms are furnished, the beds comfortable, and we have wifi! I'll admit, I literally got homesick for London after we left; it was the most discerning feeling like I'd actually left home. I haven't even felt that about the U.S. yet. Clearly, I'm in love with Europe and so blessed to have this opportunity. I'll probably say that a lot, but it just truly is such a beautiful experience. I may have missed some things that may have happened due to lack of sleep (no human should know the unrest I felt, oh my). I'll add more as I think of things, of course. I'm happy you can share in my travels! It is time for some authentic Italian pizza and some vino - a relaxing night. Ciao!

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