Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Days 6 & 7: Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm sorry, this is going to be pretty short again; I'll add more later. I have class in the morning, for five hours straight - one in which I stand the whole time, and the other in which the couches were undoubtedly created for posture correction.

Yesterday, I attended orientation for Florence University of the Arts. We sat in these chairs that were reminiscent of thrones, but I could barely stay awake during the hour plus long introduction. I blame the jetlag and lack of sleep. Although, I did have the best sleep that night than I had for a few weeks. After preparing for our walking tour, we were guided by a wise old woman with great knowledge of the architecture in the city. We even got to see the Baptisteria for free.

We looked like absolute tourists with small speaker devices on bright yellow lanyards and the packet we received from the institute. The sun bore down on us, but it was welcoming. We saw many historic landmarks, then were released for an hour of exploration. Victoria and I decided we wanted to save room for dinner so we decided to satiate our craving for gelato. It definitely did the trick and, surprisingly, kept us full for a few hours. Also, we a heard a market vendor say, "Ooh, ice cream. Hot..." I'm glad we didn't look like slobbering dogs with our gelato...

We returned to the Palazzi an hour early on accident because we lost track of time and our whereabouts so we attempted to scope out a 99 Cent Store in search of a towel. No luck. I guess we'd have to deal with the "community towel" one more night (only two girls brought towels, so we had to share them between the six of us). After our feeble hunt, we attended the wine tasting workshop near the culinary arts buildings in the school. We learned so much! I feel much more intellectual with a glass of wine now.

After the wine tasting, we got another break to freshen up for a free four-course dinner as part of our orientation. Unfortunately, a downpour began outside and our feet were squelching across the cobblestone the entire way to the restaurant. However, the food made it worthwhile. The first dish was by far the best. It was a panini with some meat and cheese. I can't give specifics because I don't know them, but it was straight delicious. The meal was slightly awkward as we had an "interesting" fellow at our table. The sad part was he came from our home country. Lousy Americans.

We went out for a drink and found a small, chic bar with a gorgeous bartender. He spoke Spanish and had one of those movie star qualities about him. He seemed like a nice guy. I had to head home because I didn't want to be out all night before our first day of school. Only Victoria and I left to go to sleep so I felt like a buzz-kill, but school comes first. We get plenty of time to party.

Today went fairly smoothly. Classes were great! I felt awful because my head kept lolling over in psychology, not because I was boring (I love psych!), but because I was just unnaturally exhausted. There are only about twelve people in the class, so there really isn't room to be a nuisance. Thankfully, we got a break halfway through so I could try and wake up a bit.

I got my lunchtime gelato at Grom; it was magnificent. I got Crema di Grom under Espresso. There is nothing as delightful as that combination. My belly and taste buds were basically having a party from it. We then took a siesta, grabbed our ID cards, free museum passes, and fresh food at the market. I bought TWELVE things for 16€. I could never find anything like that in the States. Great quality for such a low price. Gosh, I just sounded like an advertisement. I'll explain that trip more later.

Tonight was a little frustrating. I really don't enjoy going out on school nights because then I'm up this late, making me want to sleep tomorrow. Hopefully, I can make it through the day! I did eat a whole pizza tonight, yet somehow a six-pack is forming. I'm confused. I'll take it, though.

Okay, I need sleep. I'll update later. Buonanotte!

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