Wednesday, June 5, 2013

T-Minus 13 Days

I am less than two weeks away from my greatest adventure yet! The only thing stopping me is a set of freshman orientations I have to speak at and hurricane season. Please, please, please let there be no wild storms headed to Florida on the 18th. There's already an almost tropical storm outside, but that's nothing - just some inconsistent downpours. That brings me back to my first day of college when I actually didn't have a first day because tropical storm Isaac was to make landfall. Psych! It turns out, Isaac wasn't about the Florida life and gave us a nice sunny day off instead. Thank you, sir.

The forecasters claim this season is going to be active in the Bay area. I made a snarky comment about how that's stupid because we don't get hurricanes anyway. I think I may have jinxed the weather. Maybe I jinxed it back by saying that so now it won't be very active. Either way, I won't be here to see it unless a storm brews up in August.

I hate these pants. I had to buy business casual pants to work orientation, and I didn't want black so I searched for some khakis. I tore apart the mall yesterday to find something and still left empty-handed. Whenever I'm looking for something, I can't find it; when I'm just browsing and don't intend to get anything, I come home with an armful of clothes. How does this make any sense? Also, what college student majoring in nothing business-related needs business clothes right now?! I'm really on the Strugglebus today. I finally found some today that I guarantee I'll only wear once - technically three times, one for each session. Nevertheless, stores need to get it together and order some decent khaki pants. My new dilemma is finding a shirt. I just can't find one to wear because everything looks ridiculous with these pants. I wish I could just go in my pajamas.

Even if I could, the fact that I'm on my own up there talking to hundreds of freshmen is terrifying. I dread this kind of stuff, even if it is for three minutes. I think it goes back to the outfit. I don't feel confident in it. No - these pants can't defeat me. If I can make a twenty-five minute presentation for an honors class, I should be able to manage three measly minutes for some bored kids. I used to dance and perform in theatrical productions for goodness' sake. I will own this presentation. And I will look good. And I will seize the wheel of that Strugglebus and drive it to success.

That, my friends, is how you win a battle against yourself.

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