Monday, December 23, 2013


Today was another lazy day, but I did leave the house! I went shopping with my stepmom to buy my dad a Christmas present and get a few things for myself, of course. Holiday shopping is so difficult! It gets harder every year, I swear because I feel like the people I'm buying for already have everything they need. Plus, I always find things for me when I'm suppose to be looking for other people's gifts. I suppose that's when it's time to get creative and start scouring Pinterest.

However, I did get some fabulous shoes at DSW – a pair of Oxfords and some black flats. My dad called them ballet slippers and tap shoes. I really hope that isn't the first thing that comes to other people's minds when I wear them... I think they're classy anyway, and that's what really matters when it comes to personal style.

On a more academic note, I finished my personal statement finally! What a feat! I am the slowest writer I know, so I'm glad that's over and done with, and all I have left is to choose my classes and get a letter of recommendation, which I already have two faculty members in mind for.

I ate too many cookies earlier, and I'm super sleepy, so that's about it for today. Sorry to be a bore! I suppose that's life sometimes, but it's good to relish the calmer moments, too. I'll be off dreaming some bizarre things as usual until the morning. ¡Buenas noches (I'm trying to teach myself Spanish)!

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